Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Garland Exchange

Garland Exchange 

I joined a Garland Exchange on Instagram! Never made a Garland before.
The first one I made was the Fall  Leaves.
I spied on my Partners Blog that she 
had not time for Fall Decorating.
I left her Fall Leaf Garland on the Fireplace....
M husband came home from Golfing 
and texted me that the Garland on the Fireplace looked nice.
LOL! It is still there.  
So I had to make another one for my partner.  


In the e-mail regarding my partner it 
stated that she loved Mason Jars, 
her favorite colors are Blue and Green.

In the beginning I was had plans to make her the
Mason Jar Garland.
So she will receive both.

The Garland exchange is a fundraiser
to help with adoption fees.
This is my 2nd Fundraiser for this cause.
I have enjoyed both.
These two fundraiser have taken me out
of my crafting comfort zone.
I have found that I really enjoyed making the Garlands.
I plan to make more...
You can view the Garlands from others on
(yes you can sign up and view instagram on your computer) 
hashtag #ijgarlandexchange

My id on instagram is paper_creations_by_cjbuzz
You can also find my on under the name cjbuzz

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